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Many homes in the Wellington Region still have an old switchboard, with old style fuses in place and rubber or vinyl cabling. These cables are often worn and deteriorated, therefore a serious fire risk.

Moore Energy are able to replace old rewireable or push button fuses with RCD’s and circuit breakers, as well as run new cables. This will significantly improve the overall electrical safety of your property and bring your board up to NZ electrical standards.

This is because RCD’s (residual current devices) constantly monitor the electrical flow along a circuit. If an RCD senses any loss of current, caused by someone touching a live wire or a faulty appliance, the RCD will very quickly shut the electricity off, therefore reducing the chance of serious injury.

RCD’s also come with handy switches, making it easy to decipher which circuit has tripped and simple to reset. New switchboard can usually be flush mounted with the wall, meaning no more box sticking out into the room.


Problems you may have with rewireable fuses:

  • Arcing and burning if fuses are not put back properly
  • Having to test each fuse to find the one that has blown
  • Poor switchboard labelling
  • Old Brown switchboard doors often contain asbestos
  • If the incorrect fuse wire is installed, there becomes a potential for excessive current flow through cables. This will cause the cable to heat up, melt and increase the risk of a fire inside the ceiling or wall cavities

Benefits of upgrading your switchboard:

  • A safer home for you and your family
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Switchboard & wiring that complies with current ASNZS3000:2007 standards
  • Correctly labelled switchboards – in the event of a fault, you are able to know exactly what circuit has tripped without touching the switchboard

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