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Mike from Moore Energy is a highly experienced HVAC technician. He has been installing, servicing and repairing heat pumps for more than 15 years through out Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt and the Wellington Suburbs. He knows heat pumps and is happy to offer professional advice on which brand and model of heat pump is best suited for your space and budget. As he is also a qualified electrician he is able to take your job from start to finish, saving you money.

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How do heat pumps work?

Heat pump’s heat a home by drawing warmth from the air outside and transferring it into your home, like a refrigerator but in reverse. When it’s warm outside, it changes direction and acts like an air conditioner, removing heat from your home.

Heat pumps are an efficient way to heat your room during winter. They usually take around 10-30 minutes to bring a room up to temperature. The temperature is then maintained by a thermostat which keeps it within 1-2 degrees of the set temperature.

According to energywise.govt.nz, a heat pump used 6 hours per day for 6 months of the year with an energy output of 6KwH will cost around $400 per year to run. So, if you use a heat pump instead of an equivalent electric heater in your living space you could save around $500 a year.

Is a heat pump the same as a ventilation system?
No. A heat pump shift relatively large amounts of heat in or out of your home to warm or cool it. Ventilation systems shift drier air from the ceiling space or from outside into the living space, and are designed to reduce condensation.

Heat Pumps Heat in Winter


Heat Pumps cool in Summer


Ducted Heat Pump Systems vrs Split Systems

Ducted, Hi-Wall or Floor Console? The right type of heatpump for you will be influenced by a number of factors. Location, room size, insulation levels and budget are all important factors when determining what type of heat pump to install.

The most popular and simple-to-install system in New Zealand is the single split system. These are designed to heat only one room or, if sized correctly, can take the chill off connecting rooms. They come in a range of hi-wall sizes, colours and designs, or you could choose a floor mounted console. Split systems can range anywhere for $2000 up to around $7000.

Ducted Systems have a vent in every room and are piped through the ceiling. They’re less intrusive, but they’re expensive to install. The cost of a ducted heat pump is $15,000 or more for an average 150m² sized home.

Ducted Heat Pump
Floor Mounted Heat Pump
Hi Wall Heat Pump

Repairs & Service of Heat Pumps

If your heat pump performance has reduced, the unit is leaking or freezing up, displaying fault codes or producing inconsistent temperatures, call us today to arrange an appointment.

We are highly experienced at diagnosing faults, repairing or replacing faulty parts, re-directing drains, pressure & leak testing units, recharging systems with refrigerant as well as amending control settings.  And if the fault is due to age the system and it is no longer economic to repair, we will provide you with advice on the best approach to take.

Moore Energy also provides full service and preventative maintenance options. Regular servicing will help maximise the life of your heat pump. This will ensure efficient operation, reduce call outs, provide early warning for potential repairs and protecting your warranty. 

How often you service your heat pump will depend upon the frequency of usage, the age of and demand on the unit and the conditions your heat pump is exposed to. Moore Energy can advise you on the best frequency for your situation.

We do regular work with and trust the following Heat Pump brands:

We use Toshiba Heat Pumps
We use Mitsubishi Electric
We use Gree Heat Pumps

But we can also source other popular brands such as Fujitsu, Carrier, Hitachi, and Daikin.

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