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Meeting The Healthy Homes Standards

The Healthy Homes Standards section of the Residential Tenancies Act became law on 1 July 2019. These standards introduce specifics and set out minimum requirements for a number of different areas related to the rental home, including heating and ventilation.

Under the Act all private rental properties must comply within 90 days of any new or renewed tenancy after 1 July 2021, with all private rentals complying by 1 July 2024.

Moore Energy is here to help!


Under the Healthy Homes Standards Landlords must provide one or more fixed heaters that can directly heat the main living room. The heater(s) must be acceptable types, and must meet the minimum heating capacity required for your main living room. 

  • Moore Energy is able to undertake a Heating Assessment and supply you with a copy for your records.
  • Moore Energy can then supply and install a correctly sized heat pump and/or add top-up heaters where needed.

You can read more about the Heating Standards on the Tenancy Services Website


Mould and dampness caused by poor ventilation is harmful for tenants’ health as well as landlords’ property. The ventilation standard targets mould and dampness in rental homes. Therefore, kitchens and bathrooms must have extractor fans.

  • Moore Energy can supply and install correctly sized kitchen and bathroom extract fans.
  • Moore Energy can provide you with the relevant documentation required as proof of work done so you meet all you obligations.

You can read more about the Heating Standards on the Tenancy Services Website

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We do regular work with and trust the following Heat Pump brands:

We use Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps
We use Toshiba Heatpumps
We use GREE Heat Pumps

But we can also source other popular brands such as Fujitsu, Carrier, Hitachi, and Daikin.

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