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Estimate Pricing of Heat Pumps & Ventilation Systems

A new heat pump or ventilation system can feel like a big investment in your property. Moore Energy understands that sometimes you need to work things through with your bank or put together some savings before you are ready to invest.

To help you in your planning and budgeting we have provided a rough guide of pricing, to give you a quick ballpark figure to work towards. For an accurate quote please contact Mike from Moore Energy today on 027 444 8165 or email your details through to book an onsite quote.

We are committed to clear, transparent pricing.


Pricing Estimate for Bedroom or Small Living Space

A Wall-Mounted Heat Pump for a Bedroom or Small Living Area.

2.5kW cooling, 3.2kW heating  (Based on a Mitsubishi AP25)

Estimate *$2400 +GST
Pricing Estimate for Standard Lounge only

A Wall-Mounted Heat Pump for a Medium Sized Living Area

4.2kW cooling, 5.4kW heating (Based on a Mitsubishi AP42)

Estimate *$2800 +GST
Pricing estimate for Open-Plan Living Space

A Wall-Mounted Heat Pump for an Open-plan Living Space

6.0kW cooling, 6.8kW heating (Based on a Mitsubishi AP60)

Estimate *$3200 +GST

* Please note all prices are estimates only and based on a basic back-to-back install. A proper assessment of your space needs to be completed before the correct sized unit can be recommended and an accurate quote given.

* The following setups will increase the final quoted cost – brackets, a unit installed on an internal wall, longer pipe runs, a new power supply required from the board, different brands, and higher spec units including floor consoles.

* Please note, if your property needs to be Healthy Homes compliant Moore Energy is able to complete an assessment and provide details about what is required to meet these Standards.


Pricing Based on a Positive Pressure SmartVent System

4 Outlet System (Maximum 100 sqm house)

Estimate *$2400 +GST

6 Outlet System (Maximum 150 sqm house)

Estimate *$2800 +GST

* Please note all prices are estimates only and a guide only. Extra outlet grills, filter upgrades, heat transfer options, booster heater options, summer air source options, and a different brand will all affect the final quoted price.

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